You Are More Than An Employee: A Reminder To Breathe And Grow

To my right a vivid display shines brightly, burning its lucid text into my corneas. Names fall one under the other to form a list of customers, all waiting on me to produce celebratory cakes for them. I can hear the announcement system ding on as a customer passes by my case.

“Try our world-famous rotisserie chickens.”

“Shave 30% off of your phone bill today!”

“Could the owner of the red Chevy please move out of four parking spots and into one?”

I find myself living on repeat many days, coming home only to anxiously dream my night away with vivid imagery made up of job duties and customer complaints. Somehow we’ve begun quantifying days by hours worked rather than experience(s) gained and priding ourselves on how fast we can burn out, flaunting our eighty hour week pay stubs. Not only are we living this same day, week, month or even year on repeat — We are stuck in the loop with no foreseeable escape.

This is the reality millions upon millions face every day, praying for a beautiful burial or a magic ping pong ball to bless their family with fortune.

What if I told you that you’re so much more than that though? What if I told you that escaping the loop was only impossible because you were never stuck in the first place?

As humans, we naturally fixate on everything we can’t fix and ignore the opportunities to repair what we can fix. It’s so obvious that we won’t make enough money in the next year to sip fruity drinks on the beach with our loved ones and retire, so why save any money in hopes of one day forging our own future? If it won’t happen now, what’s the point of thinking it will ever happen? Is this all we were born to do? Work our lives away in hopes of saving enough to die peacefully, never having truly lived?

Except, you are so much more than the position you currently hold or the money that may or may not be in your bank account. You are every idea you’ve ever dreamed into existence and every word you’ve ever spoken to the universe. You are the hug you gave your mother and the candy bar you bought for a little boy on a rainy day. You are equally the sadness you feel for the world and the happiness you feel for the blue sky above you. We become everything we consume, from the burrito we buy every other Friday to the music we blast out our windows through traffic.

Most importantly, we are humans who deserve love, respect, and integrity.

Never forget that you are worthy of personal time to reflect on the life you live. Life is so much more than eighty hours in a building you don’t even care to be in. We each have a different story to craft and different words we’d like to write, so ask yourself:

Do you want your story to be about the supermarket you got stuck in or the world you finally opened your eyes to and explored with passion and discipline?

The choice is up to you, so make your story one worth telling.