Why It's Important To Stay Motivated Against All Odds

Let’s face it — Life is a roller coaster in which our safety manuals aren’t up to date for. The seat we sit in houses a drop-down bar to keep us in, but it feels just a little loose… That’s the zest of life though, isn’t it? The ability to persevere through the unknown and into tomorrow is and has always been the human way. Unfortunately, so much of today’s society hinders our ability to reflect upon what we’re doing and only shows us how little we’ve done, relative to our own lives.

The Importance Of Staying Motivated

Perhaps it’s one thing today, ten things the next. Maybe your coffee pot just isn’t making coffee like it used to, or the wiring in your kitchen goes crazy and leaves you without a blender for your morning smoothie. Whatever it is, we all face challenges like this every single day. Without proper motivation, it’s easy to fall into the trap of “why doesn’t anything ever work out for me?” Maybe you truly can’t change it, or maybe you can. Either way, you know something has to change because the current path being traveled is unsustainable.

What’s the point though? Everything breaks eventually.

Well sure it does. You could argue that life is both infinite purpose and also the absence of any purpose at all. That doesn’t mean you don’t have to continue on living, just because it both is and isn’t something. Sometimes motivation isn’t about knowing you can achieve something. It’s about preparing for possible failures and identifying strategies to help you reach your goal.

Speaking of that, you did set a goal — right?

If there is an obvious need for change and all you’ve done is hope for the best, you can almost guarantee that you will fall into a depressive episode. Whether or not you’ve done it once or a million times, does anyone really want to be the person woefully contemplating why they work just hard enough to struggle their life away?

Of course not! Which is why staying motivated is so important. Motivation isn’t a lack of appeal towards the idea of sitting on your couch, eating potato chips. Motivation is the rational prioritization of events and actions which will benefit you in preparing for possibly stressful situations or for long-term stabilization of your life.

How Do I Get Motivated?

I already asked once, now I’ll ask again. Did you set a goal?

Sometimes people lack motivation because they simply don’t know what they want. It’s rather hard to find yourself excited to cook a juicy burger if you never even knew you wanted food. Before trying to become the next All-Star Olympian, identify a goal that you believe would greatly impact your life. Some tips for setting goals include asking yourself the following questions:

  • How will your life benefit from accomplishing the goals you set?
  • How would you rate your current motivation to accomplish this goal, rating from 1-10?
  • Are you currently capable of reaching this goal, and if not, are you willing to take the necessary steps to become capable?

After identifying your goal and the desired end result, it’s time to determine the most important factor:

Do I have it in me to see this goal to the end?

This is the hardest question you’ll ever ask yourself in life, and it requires the most discipline to answer truthfully. If you answered yes, you’ve now become eligible to move forward through the motivation process.

Lights, Camera, Action!

The next step is taking action. Without action, our goal is simply a dream. A dream may lead to motivation, but it is not and never will be true motivation. You have to take your idea from the thoughts and pages, bringing it to fruition within reality.

If your goal is to start a beauty salon, finish reading and/or watching your tutorials, ask some friends to come over for a free makeover, and commit. If your dream is to be the highest-class dog groomer on the planet, head over to any social media platform and tell people you’ll walk their dogs if they let you practice. With a little grit and resilience, you’ll eventually find some leads on whatever it is you’re chasing and begin creating a proper foundation to carry out your goal.

Defying The Odds

Take a moment to breathe in and consider the following: how many times have you won the lottery in your lifetime? What about a contest, or even a raffle? It’s not often we truly beat the odds of life since they’re almost always stacked against us.

Earlier in this article, I mentioned that motivation doesn’t take away from the appeal of lounging on a couch. It’s important to remember that true motivation comes down to one thing, and one thing only.


You don’t have to be a specialized monk, training from the time you were born, in order to achieve a motivated frame of mind. You do, however, need to tell yourself that no matter the circumstances, you are going to chase after any avenue that may lead you towards progress. No matter how small or large, you will keep pushing towards an increased value of whatever is being measured as “needing to improve”. Defying the odds of life is a difficult task that many of us will never come to achieve. It’s up to us to buckle down, ignore the temptation to give up, and continue on fighting the good fight.

Never give up on your dreams, because eventually — you won’t know if you’re dreaming or awake. It’s up to us to define our lives, and it’s up to you to set forward the actions that determine your future.

It may not be easy to stay motivated, but it’s even harder to let go of everything you’re responsible for. Keep moving and you just may find the change you’re looking for.

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