What Truly Defines A Millennial

Showcasing the struggles and strengths of an eclectic generation full of wanderlust, hope, and failure. We must learn to navigate the world handed down to us, one step at a time. From a millennial birds-eye view, we’ll discuss the good, the bad, and the ugly of today’s increasingly tough societal standards.

What Defines A Millennial?

Did you know that most people attempt to resist being labeled a “millennial”? As one of the most informed generations, why do we shy away from a term which we could so easily provide empowered substance to? We have the world at our fingertips yet we lack pride for the accomplishments we’ve achieved as such a young generation. With access to tools like YouTube and Google, we can literally learn anything from carpentry to calculus.

Before we get into the meat of the article, let’s first go over a few important pieces of information.

  • A millennial is defined as anyone born from the year 1980 to 2000. The year 2000 is widely debated and often times people will cut off the millennial generation at or before 1999.
  • Both “Gen Y” and “Millennial” refers to the same group of people.
  • There are documented differences in the culture of Millennials as compared to previous generations.
  • Millennials make up the greatest percentage of today’s workforce population.
  • Being a millennial is 90% a shared state of mind and 10% an actual status.

What is the Millennial Mindset?

According to Tess Brigham, a CNBC contributor and San Francisco-based psychotherapist, external sources cite millennials as “lazy, entitled, selfish, overly-sensitive, and unprepared.”

But what’s actually going on in a millennial’s head?

Per Brigham, the millennial generation feels overwhelmed with the seemingly infinite distance it takes to achieve retirement and a sound monetary status.

“I’ll never make enough money to retire” is one of the most common statements she hears.

“I don’t know if I’m setting my adult life up properly.”

“I feel like a failure.”

The number one issue millennials face?

“I feel overwhelmed with the choices available to me. What if I make the wrong choice?

Yes, decision fatigue is a real thing, especially in today’s world, where we are overloaded with information and have an immense pressure to succeed. There are so many big life decisions to make — who to marry, what career path to take, where to live, how to manage our money — and so many options.

Further into the article Tess lists five essential steps to feeling more secure in your decision making and lessening the stress of “too many options”.

So is that it? Are we bound to a world of anxiety and underachievement? What is the millennial mindset then? Is it a collection of dreams and fears or is it a constant cycle of broken people cutting corners to achieve the same success their predecessors possessed?

A Millennial Defines Millennials

The Wall Street Journal says that millennials enter midlife having already been in crisis.

“It’s a constant game of catching up”, says Janet Adamy.

As a generation that’s been handed the failures of our elder’s pasts, we have learned to embrace self-awareness above all else. We value insight and respect over temporary salvation through physically or mentally demanding self-deprecation. The millennial generation offers creative solutions through dynamic perceptions due to the high volume of options given to us. We didn’t grow up stuck to farm town etiquette based in bigotry, because we could disconnect from reality and connect to the ideologies of the entire world.

Millennials are no more lazy than the baby boomers are entitled to their closed-minded opinions of change and growth. Yet regardless of the effort put forth, there still remains disdain for the word “Millennial”.

Escaping The Label

From west to east, coast to coast, I’m sure a majority of people will tell you that they wish to be called anything other than a millennial. Major media distributors have dismissed us as a group of degenerates that expects the world in return for nothing. So how do we escape the ever present label of a shared generation worldwide?

We don’t.

From entrepreneurial movements to pride parades across the globe, we’ve contributed to some of the most powerful conquests of the century. Through streams of data and constant browsing, we’ve made our voices heard at a volume that cannot be dampened. Told to be complacent, we decided to rise above and stand for what we believe in. While we did not fight for these freedoms to be put into place, we are astounding examples of how to utilize them properly.

We are the generation that won’t take no for an answer and the generation that will continue to fight for less borders and more friends. Whether we misunderstand each other or hop from job to job, we will continue to fight through every day of our lives towards a better tomorrow.

Now tell me, does that sound lazy to you?

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