Happiness starts here.

Happiness is warm.

It encompasses us in a blanket full of certainty and rushes through our veins like lightning in a storm.

Conquering your life and mastering your actions begins with being happy.

When we feel happy and fulfilled, we engage more, produce more, and laugh more. As well, we remove the barrier between ourselves and our ultimate state of "flow".

There Are 3 Key Concepts To Lasting Happiness:



We live in a world that thrusts chaos towards us with every chance it gets. We don't get to choose whether or not we'll endure suffering, but we do get to choose how we respond to it. Accepting our suffering is by far the most difficult and most important concept on your journey into eternal happiness.




Inhale through your nose as slowly as possible. Feel the oxygen fill your lungs as the pressure behind your eyes releases and your mind becomes lighter.

As you exhale, let your mind wander off as your imagination begins to run wild.

Creation can be as simple as a single breath and transforms our journey towards a sound mind, body, and soul. And don't worry — you don't have to compose Beethoven's 5th or paint the Mona Lisa.

Your creations can be as simple as a single sentence. The important idea here is that creativity can be trained like a muscle, and so the more we create, the more apt we are to solve complex problems.



Finding purpose in life is akin to actually finding the needle in a haystack. At least, that's what they've been telling you.

Break the system and create the life that you want.

It takes sacrifice, resilience, and determination — but it's a closer goal than you'd ever imagine.

After accepting what we cannot escape, we become more parallel with our ultimate purpose by creating curiosity.

"How can I find true purpose?"

"Is there a way to produce a better outcome than previously experienced?"

During this process, we become able to better determine what does or doesn't resonate deeply within us. In turn, this leads to a more personal understanding of which path we believe we "should" take.

Followed by disciplines such as...



Finding true happiness and fulfilling yourself in life comes down to two things: are you accountable and are you aware? It's easy to run away from our choices and habits, but we are the masters of our own destiny and as such must account for our own thoughts and actions.



Gratitude is everything in life. From spaceships to blazing fast, pocket-sized computers — it's imperative to practice gratitude towards everything we do have. 



Respect is not a temporary agreement between a father and his daughter's new boyfriend. It's a mutual understanding of everything we can or cannot control and the ability to play by the rules of whatever obstacles we face. Respect is acceptance of any evident truths, even if its acknowledgement means displacing your current system of beliefs.



As humans, we are creators. Whether you skillfully craft stick figures or hand paint the next Mona Lisa, it's important to express creativity. Through creation, we develop the ability to dynamically solve problems by considering multiple possible perspectives, ultimately allowing us to find a sense of security in the chaos of life.

So — What is The Live Happy Lifestyle?

The Live Happy Lifestyle is a movement, a message, and a system of beliefs.

It represents a passionate intention to educate the people of this world, enabling them to let go of any baggage they hold onto. I want to enable every human being to conquer every single aspect of their life.

My name is Devin Wood and I founded The Live Happy Lifestyle.

I spent ten years of my life struggling through therapy visits, trying pharmaceutical solutions, and yearning for an ounce of hope.

Until slowly it all started to make sense — I was the one getting in my own way.

Upon having this realization, I simultaneously realized that my ultimate goal in life is to educate the world on obtaining and maintaining a happy, content frame of mind. 

Throughout my life, I've encountered handfuls of people who seem lost no matter where they go or what they try. Every step of the way only reveals more questions they can't seem to find answers to.

The more I talked with these people, the more I realized I had the answers to their questions.

The Live Happy Lifestyle represents more than just a simple article, website, or idea.

It's an ongoing conversation about the illusory struggles we create for ourselves.

The Live Happy Lifestyle is a one-on-one conversation about how to transform life's enormous mountains into manageable little hills. It's a movement dedicated to conquering the behaviors we've been conditioned into practicing.

Ultimately, The Live Happy Lifestyle is a message to the world that we can breakthrough our own barriers and achieve our wildest dreams, no matter who we are or where we come from.